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The Coventry Foundation – Preserving British Marque History!

A big thank you is in order for this month’s article. One of my oldest friends, Gary Kincel, will be giving us the lowdown on the Coventry Foundation, created by passionate Jaguar people who donate their time, resources and services with the goal of better serving the Jaguar Heritage and preserving the marque for future generations. Gary is Chairman of the Board of Foundation and has been a Jaguar enthusiast for more years than I can remember. Gary and I met more than 40 years ago, when he took over as Pharmacy Supervisor for my region at Gray Drugs in Ohio. It was there that Gary promoted me to my first managerial position (which we won’t talk about). It was also Gary who encouraged me to move to sunny South Florida in the mid 80’s. It was I who persuaded Gary to purchase his first Jag, a 1948 Mark IV (much to the chagrin of his lovely wife, Sharon). Over the years, we’ve shared many wonderful car moments, many beers and even a trip to Budapest where we sat on the finish line of the Hungaroring Racetrack, home of the Hungarian Grand Prix. Thanks Gary for taking over the exciting task of keeping the Jaguar Heritage alive for the next generation! See ya at Cars and Cigars soon!

By Gary Kincel, CEO, Coventry Foundation – British Sports Car Hall of Fame

The Coventry Foundation (Foundation) is a not for profit charitable corporation created to perpetuate the heritage of Jaguar® Cars in North America filling a role analogous to that of the Jaguar Daimler Heritage Trust.

The Foundation’s mission is to serve the needs of Jaguar® enthusiasts throughout North America on the belief that these wonderful cars should be enjoyed, driven, raced, and shared with the public to encourage the involvement of people of all ages in the appreciation of Jaguars®.

Although relatively new, the Foundation has made great progress in expanding beyond the scope of Jaguar® Cars and Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA). The Foundation is separate from those organizations, but works closely with both.

The Foundation has established a Library in Columbia, South Carolina, and a second Library is now open in Oceanside Ca. at the Classic Showcase. Well stocked with historic, out of print, and technical books to serve as a resource for enthusiast use. These materials are available by appointment for research and copy. Also offered is the loan of a vast assortment of factory tools required for work on cars manufactured from the 40’s to well into the 90’s.

The Foundation has a display area in the British Sports Car Hall of Fame at the Moss Motors Facility in Petersburg, Virginia. The next major step will be a permanent Museum location where the Foundation’s functions can be consolidated, and its collections displayed and opened to Jaguar® enthusiasts from around the World.

The Foundation has an endowed scholarship at Pennsylvania College of Technology for students enrolled in their accredited training program for the restoration of classic cars. The 4th scholarship was recently awarded. Additional scholarships are in the planning stage.

Through the generosity of the collector enthusiast community, the Foundation has acquired an extensive collection of model cars, key fobs, framed artwork, rare, original, and authentic Jaguar® artifacts, and classic Jaguar® Cars which includes a XK140 FHC, XK150 OTS, Mark II Sedan, Series III E-Type, MKX, early XJS, a rare XJR-S and others that are displayed at our Libraries and at the Hall of Fame in Petersburg, VA.

The Founding Fathers of the Foundation are Gary Kincel (Chairman) and George Camp (President). Dick Maury, Gary Hagopian, and Tom Krefetz are Founding Board of Directors Members and Tom Wright has performed the legal work. Michael Dale (former Jaguar® Cars North America President) and Bob Tullius (of Group 44 fame) are expert advisors.

In 2019, the Foundation assumed responsibility for the British Sports Car Hall of Fame. Founded in 2017 with a first class of inductees that included such notables as Sir William Lyons, Mike Dale, Bob Tullius, Kas Kastner, Donald Healey, Sir John Black, and more. The Hall of Fame is housed at the Moss Motors facility in Petersburg Virginia with the goal of perpetuating the legacy and impact of all British Marques, and the men and women responsible for their success. The next induction class will be in June 2021 in Petersburg Va.

The Foundation, and Hall of Fame welcome new Patrons from around the World. Please visit our websites at,, and our Facebook groups to learn more. You can become a Patron online, and your donations are necessary for our continued growth and operations.

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Nice Opening back story, with many Famous Members keeping everything in The Coventry Foundation in Great Shape Plus some Nice Eye Candy at the End.

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