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The Heat is On!

Here in South Florida, we’re deep into the heat of the summer. The tourists are pretty much gone, but hurricane season has arrived. As of this writing, tropical storm cyclones are threatening. So, squeezing in some events between rain squalls is tricky business. But not impossible. A couple of weeks ago, the Gold Coast British Car Club sponsored their Spring picnic, this time at the Tradewinds Parks & Stables in Coconut Creek. A great turnout for burgers, hot dogs and lots of car talk. Nice to see Bob Godin and his family, Jag owners Chris, Barb, Don and CC! Thanks to the entire Gold Coast organizers for a great event!

In another lucky weather event, long-time Jaguar Club members, Warren and Sandra hosted a multi-club cars and coffee at their home. The intermingling of Jaguars, Rolls Royces and a few German classics in the spectacular Jupiter setting was impressive. Brilliant sunshine, a few sandhill cranes wandering around and an amazing man cave made the event very special. Thanks Warren and Sandra for your hospitality!

As we heat up in Florida, the weather in California beckons. The Monterey area is the host of Car Week in August. Notoriously stable in temperature all year (between 55 and 70 every day), we look forward to the upcoming Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The grandaddy of all concours, this year will have some interesting features. For example, 2022 marks the 90th Anniversary of the iconic 1932 Ford roadster—then and now, the stripped down, souped up car of choice for generations of hot rodders. Light, stylish and fast, the first Ford production car with a V-8 engine, the “Deuce” as it’s popularly known, is the quintessential hot rod. There will be a class of historic ’32 Ford roadsters—famed dry lakes racers, magazine feature cars, showboats and street rods—all innovative examples of American ingenuity.

Also, as the world turns to electric vehicles, there will be an Unorthodox Propulsion class. It will present the weird, wild and wonderful ways that automobile inventors have sought to power the automobile. Over the years, automobiles have been coal gas-fired, propeller-driven and powered by hybrid gasoline-electric combinations. Should be interesting.

Talbot-Lago Grand Sport will also be a feature. When Anthony Lago took over Talbot in 1933, he immediately sought to improve both the technology and the design of these French creations. The T150C debuted the following year with a much-improved engine, gearbox and chassis and a striking new Figoni et Falaschi body. Later iterations of the model were further improved and most bore Figoni’s iconic goutte d’eau, or teardrop, body. But the marque reached its zenith in the early postwar era with the creation of the T26 Grand Sport chassis, which debuted in 1947. Just 32 of these cars were created and 28 survive. Check them out at Pebble.

Can’t wait for August!

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Another swell article by our jaguarbrosseau writer that keeps us so informed with goings on around with the Club.

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