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Delray Concours!

As of this writing, South Florida is experiencing one of the hottest Springs ever.  Even for Florida natives.  Luckily, the third annual Delray Beach Concours d’Elegance snuck in under the wire, in what has now become the unofficial end of Concours season here.   And what a finale.  The Delray Beach Concours d’Elegance was held on Saturday, April 21st in Old School Square.  Supporting several local charities including the Community Childcare Center of Delray Beach, the Concours was very well-attended, with approximately 10,000 spectators taking part in the free event.  It was almost like a cross between a street festival, garden party, food fest and concours.   Acrobatics, a live band, food and classic cars, all in the middle of one of greatest towns in South Florida.  What more could you ask for?   

The Delray Concours Founder is Max Zengage, Delray native and “the Youngest Appointed City Official in Delray History.” Born and raised in Delray Beach, Max is “Village by the Sea” native who appreciates the balance of historic preservation and sustainable community growth.  Our own Ruben Verdes was one of the key advisors of the event while the primo judges team included Boca Concours’  Mel Mann and Ira Shapiro.    The cars competing for top honors included pre-War classics, Ferraris, Lamborghinis and racecars, and an impressive array of historic motorcycles.  Of course, one of the largest and most impressive section was the British car area, including at least three E-Types and George Cole’s crowd favorite, completely original Mark IV Saloon.    Rare and interesting vehicles were also on display including the cool 1964 Amphicar 770, 1957 BMW Isetta Microcar, an Amphijeep and a 1954 Fuldamobil NFW 200.  A very interesting micro car, Fuldamobils were produced from 1950 to 1969 in Fulda Germany.  There were only 673 aluminum bodies, the engine is a one cylinder two stroke 197cc.  Ultimately, the pristine and incredible 1930 Duesenberg J owned by Randy Cox was declared Best of Show.  Congratulations to judges Ruben, Ira, Mel, MC extraordinaire Alex Berry and all the organizers for a terrific show in the heart of Delray.  See ya next year!

And a bonus report from Ohio!

On a beautiful day in May outside of Columbus Ohio, the annual all-British Car Show was the place to be.  I made the trip to Columbus, joining up with Jaguar enthusiasts George Keller, Jim Baker and  Dave Morgan to attend the large show.  With over 190 cars showcasing their stuff, virtually every British marque was represented including the full range of MG’s, Triumphs, Morgans, including some very cool three-wheelers.  A rare Talbot Lago was there and a barn find Riley Saloon.   Of course, Jaguars were in full force with not one, but two Willow Green E-Types.   A very nice 1964 S-Type was a personal favorite of mine, reminiscent of my own early Concours days.  After the sweltering heat in Florida, it was a nice chance to experience some mid 70’s temperatures, have a visit with old friends, and take in some great cars.  Congratulations to Dave for the People Choice win with his  immaculate XK8. 


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Another great well written article, gives you so much color of the day. You know what cars are there, and who's cars, what they won, how many. That Delray Beach Concours d’Elegance is one I don't want to miss next year. Thanks for taking the Time to keeps us informed in our Club.

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