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Finally, the Florida Jaguar clubs came together! On April 25th, the Jaguar Club of Florida hosted the first Concours d’Elegance of the JCNA year in Lake Mary, just North of Orlando. Not only did we get to catch up with friends from across the Florida, George Keller and Mike Meyer from Ohio were surprise guests during the weekend. The Jaguar Club of Florida (JCOF) is one of the older clubs in JCNA, founded in 1977 and is still going strong. Erik Klerholm, Delilah Davis, Tom Orlando and the entire team JCOF – well done on a fabulous event!

Arriving early, we checked out all the entrances – everyone from Gary and Sue Hagopian in their race-prepared E-type to Britt Chapman with his two manual shift XJ6’s. In fact, the cars that were part of this Concours were astounding in terms of their variety and quality. From a spectacular 1993 XJ 220 owned by Ian Crawford to not one, but two, pre-war SS1’s, the show field displayed the best that the marque produced. The 1935 SS1 Coupe, presented by Eduardo Zavala was a beautiful example of the early craftsmanship of the marque. Our own Chris and Caryn Lapinski showed their gorgeous Green 1934 SS1 Tourer, the first time the car has been in competition. Congrats Chris, on the first-place win AND the People’s Choice Award. SFJC’s George Hervert brought home gold with his Series I E-Type and yours truly was thrilled to take home a plaque for my 1986 XJ6 Coupe. New member Tad Todd had a terrific showing with his beautiful red 1993 XJ Coupe. XK’s were also well-represented with a collection of 120’s, 140’s and a 150’s. Cheers to Art Pastone with his “daily driver” original XK140 in Primrose Yellow.

As a “get back to normal” event, this one was clearly over the top. The event took place entirely at the Lake Mary Marriott. Surrounded by restaurants and bars (within walking distance) it was ideal to catch up with best bud George K (and his sisters) from Columbus and Mike Meyer, JCNA North Central Regional Director. It was also great to meet some new friends, such as Roger and Patty Crawford with their Series 3 E-type (all original) and Craig Karins with his 2013 XKR Coupe.

Let me add a plug for the upcoming International Jaguar Festival, October 20-24, hosted by the Jaguar Club of Southwest Florida. Please join Phil Mannino and his team in Fort Meyers for a fun-filled few days. Planned events include a visit to the Revs Museum (an essential visit), a 66-mile rally, sponsored by Hagerty, which culminates in a visit to the Edison and Ford Winter Estate, and of course, the Concours d’Elegance itself on Friday. It will be a memorable time for all who attend!

Next stop Amelia Island!

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Sounds like a Wonderful Event, with Even SS1's (where's Rick's?), & a XJ 220! Enjoyed the Read as Usual.

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