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Wheels Across The Pond is Back!

Wheels Across the Pond was back in action in April! It’s one of the premier British Classic Car and Motorcycle Shows and it’s the largest British and European show on the East Coast. Taking place in Carlin Park in Jupiter, this year’s field was the largest ever with over 500 entries. Now in its 14th year, it raises money for the Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. What started in 2007 by a group of British classic car enthusiasts with a yearning to bring their LBCs together has grown into a show that includes both British and European makes and models. You can see everything from the rare and interesting Amphicar to the Rolls Royce that was used in the HBO drama Boardwalk Empire. This year, there were 50 classes in all. Great job by SFJC member Tad Todd as one of the major organizers of the event!

The weather was picture-perfect for the event. A slight breeze out on the show field, coupled with the self-proclaimed “member tents” made for a very comfortable day. The show opened before 7 a.m. for those bringing their classics on trailers, with the majority of the cars heading on the field before 9 a.m. Official showtime started a 10:00 a.m. with Scottish Pipers travelling the field, as is tradition. A convoy of Aston Martins from Jason Wenig’s Creative Workshop rolled in and took their place by the beautiful pond. A number of cars that we’ve seen at both Amelia and Boca Raton’s Concours d’Elegance were in attendance. We were thrilled to see Guy Lewis’ pre-war Rolls Royce at the event, fresh from Amelia Island.

The show was particularly special with seven classes devoted to Jaguar. In fact, the Jag turnout was amazing, stretched out far and wide with a second row needed. Amongst the stand-out Jaguars in attendance, were George Hervert’s award winning Series I E-Type, and Michelle Meehan’s and Chris Karentz’s beautiful XJSs. Member Skip Waldman and his Rolls Royce took first place in the class of Rolls Royce Modern. There was also a 1947 Mark IV in attendance, the owner just recently acquiring the unrestored car from California.

The awards for this particular event are based on participant votes rather than assigned “judges”. That means that provenance and history may not win over color and presentation. There were truly some astonishing vehicles on the field this year. From the Pebble Beach quality Astons and Rolls Royces to the JCNA winning cars, the over 500 cars were wonderful. But there was only one best in show, and that went to a 1974 Series III Etype Roadster! Well done Jaguar!!

The following weekend, over 1000 fantastic cars showed up for the Cool Wheels Car Show in Deerfield Beach, supporting the Youth Automotive Training Center. Apart from the great cars, there were silent auctions, raffles, awesome food trucks and a live band flowing with tunes from the 70’s American Southern Rock era. It was a great event to contribute to a good cause, see some friends and nicely turned out vehicles.

As we head into the rainy months here in South Florida, we will be looking further afield for some great events. Pebble Beach is on the horizon in August!

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That was a Great Read for British Cars and Jaguar Readers. Looks like the E-Type is again the "Show" off of the Day. (Not Complaining), Is there any Video of the Cars?

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